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About SolventoSOFT

SolventoSOFT is the core member of Solvento IT Information Group, providing clients excellent consulting implementation services, and also distributing world class business software for Business Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Integrations, Business Performance Management and Visualized Analysis. SolventoSOFT utilizes effective services network in Greater China area and combines IT knowledge strength and IT management specialty to assist clients in processing business key information, increasing enterprise efficiency, reducing management risk and expanding profit when dealing with complex commercial environment. Currently, SolventoSOFT service locations are at Taipei, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Philippines.

With abundant hardware and software knowledge, proficient IT skills and comprehensive industrial Know-How, SolventoSOFT brings competent professionals in different fields together to provide project implementation experiences and total solutions for Information Management, Performance Management, Finance Management, Process Management to the following industries: Telecom, Financial, Manufacturing, Retail and Public sectors.