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Solvento Solution

Solvento Solutions Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Solvento-Solutions) is committed to provide services in financial related IT system development implementation, including banking BI systems and report platform implementation; budget system, performance management, MIS management, risk management system implementation; customized integrated billing system implementation.
1. Banking BI :
Data warehouse's reconstruction and performance in bank BI is to provide services of followings: BA demand analysis and models analysis design, ETL data extraction and daily operation processes, DB information models and daily management operations, BI report design and authorization regulations, web pages 2nd integration development operations, users and IT staffs training, system quality, durability and maintenance to provide overall MIS / BPM consulting services.
2. MIS / BPM:
(A) Bank Overall Budget: based on a top-down and bottom-up methodology, branches analysis in both horizontal way (products and services) and vertical way (independent financial units). Budget calculation includes branches' income and expenditure, distribution, decision-making, statistics to finish budget. This assists banks to complete complicate annual operation budget in the electronic way.
(B) Bank Operations, Profit and Loss Analysis: provides financial industry to build sales oriented operation, profit and loss analysis, this analysis will be effectively controlling operation status and adjusting operation strategy. Profit and loss analysis is helpful to make sales departments assessment in organizations, and also helps to increase flexibility of profit distributions in each unit under profit center structures.
(C) Bank Performance Evaluation: Strategies for financial institutions to strengthen implementation capacity to increase shareholders' value (ROE). When performance evaluation builds, it will be an effective management system to change value and behavior models in the organizations by setting goals and expectations.
(D) Bank Operation Risks: Loans, investments, securities investment derivatives products in bank operations are facing multiple risks, like credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, operational risk, legal risk and credit rating risk.
Solvento Solutions provides following services:

  • Risk Management System Adjustment and Implementation.
  • Overall Project Planning.
  • Credit Rating Model Implementation and Verification.
  • Database Analysis and Data Integration.
  • Risk Process Differential Analysis and Rules.

3. G1/CCM : Personalized Integrated Billing System Implementation.
Land Bank, First Commercial Bank, Taishin Bank, Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Bank of Taiwan, Chang Hwa Bank, Kaohsiung Bank, Fubon Bank are all Solvento Solutions system implementations reference clients.