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Banking Industry Solutions

Business Intelligence is a tool for enterprises to analyze raw data, and to extract useful information for decision makers to make better decisions at the right timing. This is the process when raw “data” transforms to useful “information”. This Business Intelligence solution can assist cross departments decision makers to retrieve required information for analysis, and the real time analysis makes useful information to solve business problems, and this process makes bank internal staffs working as knowledge workers.

Banking Business Analysis Modules

This analytical reporting can be divided into the following modules:

Operation Revenue Analysis

Solution to overall banking financial operations is to analyze profit and daily operations in the fields of business, organization structures, products and regions, so that management level is able to understand banking operations from financial perspective.

  • Bank Operation Profit Analysis.
  • Organization Structure Profit Analysis.
  • Products Profit Analysis.

Product and Sales Analysis

Solution to different kinds of product is to analyze sales revenue in the fields of sales, organization structures and clients; so that management level or marketing unit is able to understand branch sales structures and contributions level to overall sales.

  • Product Sales Volume Analysis.
  • Contribution Structure Analysis.
  • Client Group Analysis.

Products Detail Analysis

This analysis is for each single product to proceed deeper analysis, based on different product characters; this analysis provides product management deeper and detailed information of product and sales.

  • Deposit and Loan Products Analysis.
  • Mutual Fund Products Analysis.
  • Credit Card Products Analysis.

Wealth Management Analysis

Wealth management analysis is to analyze client relationships to banks, transaction habitual behavior and also contribution level from the perspectives of products, organization structures, income and clients.

  • Sales Performance and Sales Effectiveness Analysis.
  • Client Groups Attribute Analysis.
  • Potential Client List Filters.