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Securities Industry Solutions

Securities Performance Analysis Module

Securities Performance Analysis Module provides quantitative performance information including analytic figures of product revenue, organization performance and also cleint investment profit and loss. This analysis helps to understand current and potential cleints to increase profit. This module provides various kind of reports for overall and detailed reports, and this is categorized in five aspects.

Clients Analysis

This is to analyze client transaction category, profit and loss based on different products, different channels, different client categories to assist client's investment profile better, and also research client's requests and preferences for higher market acceptance from securities products and client's satisfaction.

  • Stocks Transaction Categories Analysis.
  • Investment Analysis.
  • Profit and Loss Analysis.

Account Executive Analysis

This is to analyze account executive transaction structures and revenue. Based on different categorical transactions and revenue from each account executive, through this analysis is able to manage each account executive's performance and profit shares.

  • Sales Performance Structures Analysis.
  • Reactive/ Freeze Account Analysis.
  • Revenue Analysis.

Marketing Analysis

This is to analyze each departmental sales performance in company. Based on each department, each dealer's sales performance and many relative factors to find any possible reasons to influence sales volume, and also evaluate sales performance through indicators.

  • Department Sales Performance Analysis.
  • Department Products Analysis.
  • Sales Strategy Achievement Analysis.

Operation Risk Analysis

This is to analyze product distributions and revenue contribution sources. Based on different products, different regions, different client groups, this analysis identifies high contribution clients. According to product structures and market shares, this analysis also helps to understand income structures might hide potential risk problems.

  • Overall Credit Analysis.
  • Contribution Level Analysis.
  • Market Share Analysis.
  • Short-Term Exceptional Transaction Analysis.

Refinance Analysis

This is to analyze the status of client refinancing. Based on client refinance history, this analysis assists to effectively manage client assets and evaluate risk levels by showing the trend of client credit balance and credit maintainability.

  • Client Credit Rating Analysis.
  • Client Refinance Quota Analysis.