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Insurance Industry Solutions

Insurance Performance Analysis Module

This analysis is to analyze company expense structures, product profitability, client purchase patterns and product preference, thus reducing churn rates and also increasing opportunities to gain profit by proper cross selling. One important point is to provide end to end information analysis to retrieve valuable numbers to support main strategic decisions through insurance income and compensations. Through modular design, insurance analysis modules makes analysts and managers to have insights into profit sources within many relative factors. This module provides various kind of reports for overall and detailed reports, and this is categorized in five analyses.

Product Analysis

This is to analyze different kinds of insurance distributions and profit level, in terms of different regions, sales channels and client revenue trend analysis, to find profitable products, potential products and debt products. Revenue analysis of certain products in the regions enhances new products market acceptance or marketing strategy achievement.

  • Products Revenue Analysis.
  • Sales Channels Analysis.
  • Major Insurance Products Analysis.

Compensation Analysis

This is to analyze the compensation rate based on different kinds of insurance products, insurance holders, compensation types and other compensation possibilities to identify insurance frauds, thus controlling risks of different insurance products.

  • Products Compensation Analysis.
  • Clients Compensation Analysis.
  • Departments Compensation Analysis.

Sales Performance Analysis

This is to analyze sales performance in each sector. Finding any possible relevant factors influence sales performance in each department and each sales channel to assess goals by indicators.

  • Departments Sales Performance Analysis.
  • Departments Products Analysis.
  • Sales Strategic Achievement Analysis.

Clients Sales Performance Analysis

This is to analyze client distribution and purchase patterns. According to different insurance types, different regions, and different client group revenue to help identify high-margin customers. Based on insurance policy contract, major mix of products and clients and their preferences, it helps build a better client service system and also increase other products sales.

  • Client Categories Analysis.
  • Client Contribution Levels Analysis.
  • Client Consumption Behaviors Analysis.
  • Target Customers Lists.

Product Review Analysis

This is to analyze efficient review processes. According to application information and review criteria to analyze efficiency of review process and also through the indicators to assess complete applications. It assists a more efficient internal management process to enhance operational efficiency.

  • Operation Efficiency Analysis.
  • Review Success Rate Analysis.
  • Underwriting Success Rate Analysis.