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Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply Business Intelligence Success Stories


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Guangdong and Hong Kong Limited was based on  original water supply from Dongjiang in Guangdong Province and managed by Shenzhen Water Supply Bureau Authority. Guangdong province hall approved Dongjiang-Shenzhen water supply project flowed to Guangdong sea, and also approved by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperations to establish Guangdong Hong Kong-Guangdong Investment Holdings Limited, Hong Kong and Guangdong Water Supply (Holdings) Limited registered in Shenzhen and established as a Chinese-foreign joint enterprises.

Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply was registered on August 18, 2000, business covered natural water extraction from Dongjiang, operation, maintenance and construction of Dongjiang - Shenzhen water supply project. The water is provided to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Dongguan, other users, and also sell natural water. Total investment is HK$ 24.464 billion, registered capital of HK$ 6.116 billion.

Project Background 

To achieve economic goals, Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply comments “ Not only   raise water needs in the market and right strategic decision-making, and also need support from enterprises internal major system”. In 2006, Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply Group developed strategic requirement to take responsibility of “group long term development”, this requirement will raise strategic level of group main development.   Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply is developing to all markets.

Meanwhile, with the WTO policies to open markets, Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply now have to face not only domestic same industry competitiveness, as well as the international water business and financial investors’ competition.

Marketing strategy's responding time is main approach to maintain competitiveness, and marketing strategy formation is also required to be large and actual, and is able to provide support for business information. As the market competitive pressure keeps increasing, company management style needs to be detailed to fulfill management's want: precise and consistent information to respond market timely, higher efficiency, powerful analysis tools, various and abundant management analysis supports, all these can help management timely find any hidden opportunities and any possible risks.

Project Challenges

Facing complicated business needs from a technical point of view, traditional online transaction processing relationship definition is very difficult to deal with current complicated business needs. Current needs are for high efficiency and reliable stability enterprise level data warehouse and also build enterprise level decision making application systems on data warehouse foundation.  And meanwhile, also facing the following problems and challenges: 

1) All basic business supporting system interfaces are multiple and not in consistency, high maintenance difficulty, high maintenance costs, inconsistent data existence, incomplete data and distorted data are all effecting current systems.

2) Reports required for management level are not in one central management mechanism. Different reports might come from different business systems, not convenient to use and also difficult to manage.

3)    Reports content required for management level are not flexible enough to get required information.

To address data extraction, cleansing and loading problems, and providing a better services for Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply Business Intelligence platform software system project, Kai-Run Bank IT Company (Shenzhen)  co-work with Pervasive DI products implemented in Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply, Pervasive data collection project help business intelligence software system able to rapid and effectively to standardized data transmission, and also brought a better control information ability, this greatly improved the work efficiency. 

Pervasive's Role in Project

Pervasive DI information data extraction is to design one map for each extraction system source (financial system / water management / manual data) to design a process, and design one mother process to schedule a child process.

In the entire business intelligence systems, efficient data manager capacity is due to Pervasive DI powerful features and flexibility. Successfully built business intelligence data warehouse three-tier structure, and meanwhile these functions are able to fulfill all the requirements of data management, and also constructed solid foundation for platform system future development and evolution. Pervasive DI connects with Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply old existing systems and new business intelligence systems.

In the period of system implementation, Pervasive software eliminates large developers coding requirements. Developers build to repeat use one single mapping; this mapping can minimize customization in different conversion work. Once mapping is built, most data conversion can be done automatically, which saves almost two-thirds encoding time. 

In project planning, Pervasive products help Guangdong Hong Kong Water Supply successfully built 3-tier system structures data warehouse, and retrieve data from water supply system, financial system, manual data, new and old systems. Writing into ODS layer and also process cleaning, computing, loading BSL layer, in accordingly load accumulated data by needs to target data FCT layer. FCT layer provides granule facts and dimensions for MicroStrategy layer to display data.

In development process, Pervasive provides a common framework to use ETL, EII and SOA deployment modes. This general framework is formed by best and efficient tools, it provides open database to optimize developers efficiency, project flexibility and project management simplicity. Pervasive's powerful and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) integration engine can support even large-scale enterprise deployment. 

Pervasive introduces intuitive drag-down interface and combines with CODE integration, so that this will not need much programmed skill, and mainly need to realize  process rules. This kind of integration increases higher efficiency performance than before.

In project deployment, Pervasive's integration products are able to deploy in single one, very lightly to embedded engine, or to total centralized management in service-oriented architecture (SOA) adapter by client's requests.

In project management, Pervasive framework provides an open XML database to store all the settings and rules, which defines the integration task the implementation process. To store XML integration rules provides a strong flexibility to make integration requirements changes easy by design projects, and also supports different department individual development.

Pervasive engine (Integration Engine is the core of integrated product line). Integration Engine can handle complexity in different projects (see Graph 2. below), including extraction, transform, loading (ETL) projects and B2B integration projects (that is, HIPAA, HL7, ACORD, X12 and SOA adapters). In addition, Integration Engine is easy to enrich SDK and embed command-line interface together through an accurate external control. Pervasive engine can be configured to meet any requirement of any integration projects extension. 


Pervasive's special features and functions are crucial to the success implementation of data warehouse in Guangdong and Hong Kong Water Supply Business Intelligence project.

 (1) Pervasive support remote data processing capabilities. When input and output parts are at remote, data processing can be done remotely without actions to retrieve data back to local. 

 (2) Pervasive provides data levels processing capability in father and son structures to deal event processing and powerful RIFL language to realize the kind of father and son levels of data processing. 

 (3) Pervasive's Business Integrator product is the customized product to process real-time data processing, it supports various news queue and BUS architecture to meet any between application systems real-time data processing.

(4) Pervasive supports database relations to heterogeneous structure and same structures, and also supports processing same time many related data sources configuration and management capabilities. 

 (5) Pervasive runs conflict inspections in each processing, it's able to find conflict in each step and in the whole process. 

 (6) Pervasive processes strong ability to handle information services, and is able to hourly handle millions capacity and support many concurrent users.